Leasing scanners – Rent a scanner for your business

LEASing scanner

High-quality scanners for rent with competitive price, professional service, support 24/7. Iscan’s scanner rental service is cost-effective and efficient



When should you rent a scanner?

  • When your business want to carry out a digital transformation for your paper documents
  • When you need to scan a large amount of documents
  • When you do not want to invest in a new scanner
  • When you need to scan documents that requires high level of security

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Advantages of Iscan’s scanners rental service



When you own a scanner, it would require further maintainance and repairing fees. When you use VIETBIS ‘s scanner rental package, further maintainance and repairing fees will all be FREE.


Professional Service

If there is any problems with the scanners, our staff will come to your site to fix it right away. In some cases, the scanners requires a longer time to repair, Iscan will replace it with an equivalent scanners so you will not have to wait and unable to continue your work.

No investment needed

You do not have to invest a large amount of money into a new scanner

Scan documents with high level of security

Many law firms, hospitals, hotels and so on want to scan documents that require high level of security. This can not be assured when you bring your documents to scanning services. Your documents might be leaked, or even gone missing. Our scanners rental service will assure that your documents are protected.


Contact us via hotline 024 7303 1068 or 0971 491 492 for more information about the scanner rental service

4.9/5 - (16 bình chọn)

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